Since 1969, Adair Homes has provided customers with a quality product at the best value available in the region. A majority of the time, a customer will realize instant equity in their house the day they move in, which provides a better financial future. Adair Homes is all about quality, value, and financial responsibility. We recognize that those in the real estate community are the face for many prospective buyers, all of which have different needs and wants. Adair Homes is providing Lenders, Title Companies, Appraisers and other partners within the real estate community a partnership opportunity when a client would be a good fit for Adair Homes.




Professional Partners are eligible to refer Adair Homes a customer through the Professional Partner Referral webpage (agreeing to the terms), and be eligible for compensation from Adair Homes in return for a referral customer. A Professional Partner is eligible for a $1,500 referral fee for referrals that result in a Ratified Home Order and paid when Adair pours the homes foundation.



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