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At Adair, we are a company driven by a cause that's bigger than any of us - to help our customers build the home they've always dreamed of. Because of this, there is a huge amount of purpose in our work. We know we are doing something really big and worthwhile, and that belief powers us every day.

Core Value: Working together as ONE team to ensure the quality you can count on.
Core Value: Doing the right thing — always treating you with honesty, integrity, & respect.
Core Value: Giving you a customer experience that is enjoyable and rewarding.
Core Value: Providing you with the greatest value in homebuilding.
Core Value: Finding innovative ways to build your vision of home.

It is our privilege to help our customers build the homes they've always dreamed of.

Over 50+ years in business and more than 22,000 homes built, that is still a powerful motivation. It attracts a team of talented people who thrive on serving and making our customers happy.  It creates a team of people who aren’t just punching a clock, because we all understand that what we are doing is a privilege, not a job.


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Love What You Do

We often talk about how much we #AdairLove what we get to do for a living. Loving your job is important. But we know that matter how rewarding the work, there's more to it than that!

At Adair Homes, we aren’t just coworkers; we’re family. As family we take care of our team with a benefits package that includes a top notch health care plan (with vision and dental), 401k matching, PTO, ongoing education, as well as the ability to make the difference of our customers. There are more benefits that we can list, please explore the videos and links below to learn more about why we consider it a privilege to do what we do.

It's an Honor + a Privilege

We understand that it really is a privilege and an honor to be able to help our customers bring to life a dream that they have probably been carrying with them for many years; one that will shape their lives for many more.

Message from our President »

One Minute Intro to Adair Homes

What do we do? This one-minute explainer video goes over our press. Learn how we help families in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona (new), and Utah (coming soon) build affordable custom homes.

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Top Workplace Winner

At Adair Homes, we aren’t just coworkers; we’re family. This sentiment echoes through each branch office, down every hallway, and on every jobsite. It’s the people that make this company special, and we know it..

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Helping Bring Families Together

Our team members are passionate about finding innovative and affordable solutions for families. This video documents the journey for one family that wanted to combine households and maintain privacy.

The White Family Story »

We #AdairLove What We Do

We #AdairLove our team, our customers, and what we do. It's even more exciting when the feeling is mutual. Search #AdairLove on your favorite social site to learn more about what inspires and empowers this team.

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An IT Legend + Inspiring Vision

Ryan is a bit of a legend at Adair Homes. We know we are lucky he started before the pandemic! He says when he was thinking of joining the team he felt the company vision was something he could get behind.

Pro Team Profile: Ryan N »

Growth + Development

A benefit of being part of our Pro Team is the growth opportunities. We have book clubs led by our senior leaders, access to Adair Homes University, and quarterly and annual meetings packed with educational opportunities.

Annual Meeting Memories »

Thankful to Help Families

We are honored to have people like Jeff Stroup building our custom homes. Watch this video to learn a little more about why he does what he does. We are thankful to have Jeff on the team and look forward to many more.

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Nicer Things + We Paid Less

We work hard to provide the greatest value in homebuilding. This Beavercreek, OR family had a great experience working with Adair Homes team in Aurora and appreciate the great value they got.

Hear The Tran Family Story »

From Customer to Employee

She was a customer, but she loved Adair so much she became a Pro Team member. Watch to learn why she loves helping people plan their custom homes. We are thankful for her partnership for the past 15+ years and look forward to many years to come.

Hear Johanna's Story »

We Build Homes + Legacies

We are passionate about not only delivering beautiful homes to families throughout the western United States, but also providing opportunities for them to invest in their futures via a path to build instant, significant equity.

Press Release from 2017 »

We Celebrate Our Core Values

We love to make a fuss over birthdays, holidays, and Fridays. Even more importantly, we like to recognize our team members when they step up. In 2020, our team gave out more than 100 Golden House awards.

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Making a Difference Everyday

Why should you join the Pro Team at Adair Homes? There are many reasons, but the ability to make a difference in the lives of others is a big one. In this video, our team members talk about their experience working here and why they love what they do.

Adair Homes Culture Video »

We Love to Build Custom Homes

We are a custom home builder. We did the math once, and it takes more than 100 people to complete the construction of one new home. Our team is made up of specialists in every area from accounting to customer care and, oh, cabinet installation.

Fast Cabinet Install Video »

Do The Right Thing Is Our Thing

When asking our Pro Team members which core value they love the most we hear: Do the right thing. Our team is eager to take care of our customers, host blood drives, food drives, and rally together to help our community. They love to post on social about it, too!

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Inspirational Values + Joy @ Work

Do the right thing was the core value that sold Chuck on joining the Adair Homes team in 2017. As a Homeownership Counselor in Mid Willamette Valley, Chuck does the right thing for customers every day.

Pro Team Profile: Chuck W »

On Your Land Explained

So you are thinking about becoming a Pro Team member, but not sure what it means to be an OYL (on your land), builder? The HBT video series provides educational information about our unique process.

Home Building Tips Video »

Are You Pro Team Material?

If you are an innovative thinker with a growth mindset and inspired by our mission, we might have the perfect opportunity for you! Browse all opportunities in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Utah (coming soon), and Washington.

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“LOVE my team! All branches work together to help each other grow. This is a family company, family comes first. Great benefits. Adair is always seeking involvement and input from its employees to grow and get better.” - An Anonymous Review on GlassDoor