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With Adair, everyone can live in the perfect house. Our expert designers have incorporated a host of thoughtful, practical design advantages into our new Brio Collection. These clever home plans offer the most common custom options and features for those interested in aging-in-place. Make your home a forever home. Explore the options ...

The Lewisville: 2359 sqft, 4 beds, 2.5 baths
The Klickitat: 2,198 sqft, 3 beds, 2.5 baths
The Oswego: 1,952 sqft, 3 beds, 2 baths
The Winchester: 1,560 sqft, 3 beds, 2 baths
The Beverly: 1,340 sqft, 3 beds, 2 baths

Brio Collection

5 Floor Plans Accessible to Everyone

Ready to have peace of mind knowing that the future is bright regarding your accessible home. Browse our selection of affordable and customizable homes that are open and convenient for every individual family's needs. 

We have more than 40 customizable plans and an in-house drafting and design team that will help you find the perfect fit.

Smart Features

Customize your home with practical solutions, tailored to your lifestyle. 

Wide Interior Doors

Get where you need to go no matter what your level of mobility. Wide interior doors easily allow scooters and wheelchair access to all areas of the home.

Curbless Shower

Make every square foot of your home count! A no-curb shower is a practical addition to any home—perfect for walking, rolling, and scooting in and out, anytime.

Extra Wide Pantry

Gain increased access and storage space within our extra wide pantries. Lower shelves are an added bonus!

Lower Counter Tops

Enjoy every minute in the kitchen with low countertops. Scooping, mixing, pouring—a culinary masterpiece is at your fingertips. It's not just for kitchens, increase the accessibility of every bathroom in your home with reduced height counters.

Lever Handle for Sink

Both beautiful and functional, lever-handle faucets won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Their ease-of-use coupled with intuitive design make them the practical on-trend choice.

Wide Hallways

It’s hard to believe this feature isn’t standard in every custom house! Wide hallways mean easy flow—whether you are walking, scooting, or rolling—you’ll enjoy the added elbow room.

Comfort Height Toilet

Dignity is keeping oneself as mobile and independent as possible. Comfort height toilets provide the positive solutions for long-term self care.

Rails for Shower

Feel a sense of safety with the considerate addition of shower rails in your bathroom. These built-in features are preventative in nature and offer peace of mind.

Lower Closet Rods

Can’t quite reach the top rail? Join the club! Out-of-reach top rails are a common complaint—and we’re ready to make a change! Tell us what height works best for you, and we’ll custom tailor your closet design for success.

512 Studio

Gain total freedom with 512 Studio—featuring an open-living concept, fully equipped kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. Designed to be an addition to any of our Adair Homes plans, you can stay close to your family and enjoy your independence.

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