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Stop looking for someone else's dream home. Build your unique vision of home on your land with the Pro Team at Adair Homes.

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Design your home around your view or unique piece of property with options such as narrow lot and daylight basements. Click the image to shedule an appointment to learn more!
See why homeowners are loving our modern Riada Collection of home plans. Click to view the entire collection!
It's modern and it's country. The Farmhouse collection of plans includes ranch and two-story options.
We have a variety of one-story homes ranging from small and stylish to sprawling ranch options.
Our larger and two-story plans are ideal for someone who loves to entertain, large families, and multi-generational households.
Live where you want with a custom home built on your land. If you don't own land, our team can help you find it!
Whether you are looking to customize one of our existing plans or start from scratch, the Pro Team at Adair Homes is here to help! Click the image to schedule an appointment to learn more!

It is our privilege to help our customers build the homes they've always dreamed of.

We have been helping homeowners build affordable custom homes in the Western United States since 1969. Choose from our wide variety of plans or work with our Pro Team to design a completely custom home. 

In this unique market, our team is committed to finding innovative solutions that will ensure home value for years to come.

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Quality, Experience, and Customization Matter

Adair Homes was recently recognized with a National Housing Quality Award, our commitment to quality isn't just something we say. It's what we do. We know it's a privilege to build your dream of home, that's why we start with the very best of the best. We have decades-long relationships with some of the best suppliers and craftsmen in the West all so that we can provide you with the greatest value in homebuilding.

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It's an Honor + a Privilege

We understand that it really is a privilege and an honor to be able to help our customers bring to life a dream that they have probably been carrying with them for many years; one that will shape their lives for many more.

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Helping Bring Families Together

Our team members are passionate about finding innovative and affordable solutions for families. This video documents the journey for one family that wanted to combine households and maintain privacy.

The White Family Story »

Custom Design With You In Mind

It's never too soon to start planning your custom home. With a personal consultation with one of our Home Ownership Counselors, you will learn about our unique process and if it's right for you.

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On Your Land Explained

So you are thinking about building with Adair Homes, but not sure what it means to be an OYL (on your land), builder? The HBT video series provides educational information about our unique process.

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Nicer Things + We Paid Less

We work hard to provide the greatest value in homebuilding. This Beavercreek, OR family had a great experience working with Adair Homes team in Aurora and appreciate the great value they got.

Hear The Tran Family Story »

One Minute Intro to Adair Homes

This one-minute explainer video is a quick introduction to our unique process. Learn how we help families in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and (coming soon) Utah build affordable custom homes.

A Quick Intro »

“This is the third Adair home we have built and lived in since 1972. Each house has been well built and Adair lived up to our expectations each time. A quality house that is affordable, and good people to work with!” - from Oak Harbor, WA